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Everyone who works at Cidel does one thing—whatever it takes to look after the wealth management needs of our clients. To do this we have developed deep expertise and world­-class capability in three areas:

Would you build a house without involving an architect? No. Successfully preserving and building wealth requires a similar respect for planning and preparation. It takes patience and sophistication to identify all the elements of your wealth and truly understand all of the factors at play. Cidel is unusual in its enthusiasm for navigating complex financial situations. We like untangling knots—and we have seen

enough of them to appreciate that each one is different. Working closely with clients and their professional advisors we pride ourselves on executing strategies and structures that are as effective as they are efficient. And when it comes to implementation and maintenance, you will be hard­-pressed to find a team that’s more reliable. We make sure your house stands for a long time.

Most investors want exactly the same thing—to grow and protect their money. But what, exactly, is the best way to do that? For even the most sophisticated investor, the options can be overwhelming. This is where we come in. For more than half a century, Cidel has been helping people figure out which opportunities are an ideal match, and which ones are not. We bring a global perspective to the conversation and connect private investors to institutional thinking and solutions. Behind each strategy is a rigorous process

that leads to superior results. Again and again. And behind the process? An extraordinary team of people—investment researchers and managers with a knack for finding the best ideas and explaining them in plain language.

How you choose work with us is entirely up to you. We can act on your behalf in a discretionary capacity or assume an advisory role where you leverage the skills and experience of the Cidel team, but get to make all the final decisions yourself.

Cidel has curated a suite of banking and transactional services specifically designed to help high net worth individuals efficiently manage their wealth. In addition to reporting and cash management services we offer an International Investment Platform—a proprietary tool that provides clients and advisors with direct access to a wide range of investment services.

  • Multi­currency current deposits & term deposits
  • Custody of hard assets
  • Margin lending
  • Currency hedging solutions
  • International wire transfer services
  • Online account viewing
  • Consolidated statements
  • Equity & fixed income trading
  • Trading in international mutual funds, hedge funds & private equity funds

(Not offered in all jurisdictions)

Significant wealth often brings with it significant complexity. Our aim is to make sure it never feels like a burden. Cidel 360 is our most comprehensive service—providing an unparalleled level of support and guidance to our highest net worth individuals and families. In an advisory role, we take the time to understand the full sweep of considerations that impact your financial and personal life. And then our team serves as expert, strategist, confidante, and friend to establish and implement a game plan that turns the complexity into a simple solution.

Trusts are an extraordinarily flexible tool for protecting and directing wealth. Like the Swiss Army knife, they come in all shapes and sizes, and offer a surprising number of benefits. Commonly used for tax and estate planning, charitable giving and business succession, trusts have the potential to be applied to a much wider range of situations. As a licensed trust company in multiple jurisdictions, we work with lawyers, accountants and advisors to help wealthy individuals and families, as well as businesses, identify and manage those opportunities.

  • Trustee services
    • Inter vivos trusts
    • Testamentary trusts
    • Dynasty trusts
    • Charitable trusts & foundations
    • U.S. foreign grantor trusts
    • Canadian transnational trusts
    • Asset protection trusts
    • Insurance trusts
    • Employee benefit trusts
    • Litigation trusts
  • Executor & power of attorney trusts
  • Escrow services
  • English, French & Spanish­-speaking trust officers

Properly setting up and maintaining a corporation can be a lot of work. Drawing on our knowledge of structuring, taxation, reporting requirements, and governance, Cidel is ready to provide just the right level of support. As with everything we do, it’s all about understanding what’s required and tailoring the service to suit.

  • Manage incorporation process
  • Bookkeeping & accounting
  • Banking services
  • Multi­jurisdictional planning
  • Registered office space
  • Corporate secretary
  • Nominee shareholders & directors
  • Oversight of an employee

(Not offered in all jurisdictions)

Giving well is an art. Giving wisely is a science. Like it is for many of our clients, philanthropy is close to Cidel’s heart. We understand the mechanics of charitable giving and are adept at managing the administrative and regulatory requirements of a variety of charitable vehicles. We harmonize the details, so you can focus on the giving.

  • Private foundations
  • Public foundations
  • Donor-­advised funds

Think of this as an eggs­-in-­many-­baskets approach. By customizing a portfolio that includes multiple asset classes or types (i.e. stocks, fixed income, cash and alternative investments) from around the world, we are able to diversify the risk and finely tune the overall investment to meet the specific needs of the individual. A deep discussion around your comfort level with investing is the best place to begin.

A good equities strategy provides you with long­-term performance that easily outpaces inflation and ensures your capital is available when you need it. Our approach has always been to carefully research and find opportunities that offer superior returns while keeping a careful eye towards downside protection and relative safety in varied markets. With vast experience in global markets our equity team is adept at matching the diverse needs of our clients with smart, stable equity strategies.

It used to be that fixed income investors simply sought safety of capital, low overall portfolio volatility, and a consistent income stream. While these rightfully remain the objectives of most fixed income investors, today’s fixed income markets offer investors broader choice and greater opportunity. Selecting the right fixed income strategy for your portfolio is something we have the experience to do exceptionally well. We have been managing fixed income assets for pensions, public agencies and individuals for several decades—our team has what it takes to deliver.

Delivering the right portfolio for some client situations requires alternative thinking. This is where we look beyond more traditional strategies to help meet agreed objectives that naturally vary from client to client. Our focus is on deploying strategies that are the most likely to deliver desired returns that can lower the downside risk in the overall portfolio. Our access to great managers, and our ability to combine them into customized portfolios, means clients get the best the world has to offer—in one convenient place. We bring within easy reach diverse alternative solutions, carefully explaining if and where they fit.