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Behind the scenes, Cidel is an elaborate organism—a collection of people and services, each with a specific expertise and focus.

While each of these has stand­alone strength, our unique ability comes from the way we connect the dots. By pulling together the right people at the right time we unlock the power of the team. And to ensure those solutions are delivered with ease and authenticity,

clients have a single point of contact regardless of whether we’re acting on your behalf or simply advising. One person with one goal—to harness the power of our organization and take exceptional care of you.

These are the four steps we follow to get you wherever you want to go:



Get to know you, gather information & documents, understand vision & goals. Review, summarize and identify key themes.



Review themes, develop priorities, establish objectives, recommendations and alternative scenarios.



Develop strategy to implement, timeline for completion. Services provided in­-house and by leveraging our network of external professionals.


Monitor & Manage

Ongoing dialogue with advisors & clients, education, service and accountability.