Brand Canada

One of the prime beneficiaries of the ongoing presidential debacle: Canada.  The global media is falling over themselves to glowingly frame Canada’s openness in contrast to the troubling rhetoric south of the border, best illustrated by this most recent feature in The Economist.   At the risk of sounding a bit too self congratulatory, a lot to be proud of indeed.

What is AI and why should I care?

Artificial Intelligence conjures dystopian images of machines run amok.  The reality is (happily)  far more nuanced than that.  Fortune has produced an excellent primer on AI and machine learning that outlines the massive impact this technology will have on our daily lives, some of it rather shocking (radiologists could be obsolete within years) but much of it enhancing our day-to-day in more subtle ways.

Truly Active

Somewhat lost in the debate of active versus passive has been the primary reason investors are fleeing active funds: so many of the managers are actually closet indexers (with ludicrously high fees!) Legendary investor Bill Miller nails the reasons this is so important in this incisive interview with Barry Ritholtz. At Cidel, we believe there is a role for true active management in client portfolios.  Please contact us to discuss further.

Oil in Perspective

With all the talk of threats to oil’s dominance, as well as high volatility in the overall commodity complex, we were struck by this simple chart: the oil market is bigger than all metals markets combined.