A Man Worth Listening To

We are big fans of Barry Ritholtz’s Bloomberg podcast Masters In Business, in which he interviews some of the biggest names in finance. This interview with Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital is one of his best.  Marks’ views on how to find value and swim against the tide are incredibly clear and concise, as are his thoughts on leadership and how he built Oaktree into a private equity powerhouse bereft of ego – a rare feat!

Actual-Reality Headset

Our venture capital partner, iGan Partners, is an investor in a remarkable medical device company called eSight, which has developed a visor that allows blind people to actually see.  The Wall Street Journal recently profiled the innovative company –  the article is subscription only, so we encourage you to check out eSight’s website at  www.esighteyewear.com. Please contact your Wealth Consultant to discuss iGan and the role of venture capital in a portfolio.

Becoming a Legend…in the Boardroom

The post-retirement life of a pro athlete too often follows a familiar narrative: excessive spending, comically bad financial planning, questionable investments, and increasingly it seems, crime.  But beyond those sad stories are some amazing successes, perhaps none more than legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young, who has built a highly respected private equity firm that is anything but a vanity project.

Key Themes for 2017

We are now two months into what has been a fascinating year in global markets so far.  We continue to see opportunity but are prepared for increases in volatility. In case you missed it, Arthur Heinmaa, Chief Investment Officer, and Bill McKay, Head of Asset Allocation, provide our key themes for 2017.