Too Much Faith

In Silicon Valley, nothing gets hearts pounding more than a young, messianic startup founder with a technology so profound that it will change the world.  It can even cause seemingly intelligent investors to totally abandon the most basic due diligence requirements – to be sucked into the mythology surrounding the founder.  Sometimes, this works spectacularly (hello, Facebook), but as the implosions of blood diagnostic company Theranos and sustainable food company Hampton Creek illustrate, billions can evaporate overnight.   Both articles are also phenomenal examples of old-school investigative journalism – two fantastic reads.

Click here to read about Theranos
Click here to read about Hampton Creek

Our New Digs in Toronto

We have officially moved into our new Toronto offices!  We are extremely excited about the new space, and cannot wait to host you.  Stay tuned for a full slate of events throughout the fall.

The Most Important Charts in the World

Business Insider asked a number of the investment world’s brightest strategists, including Byron Wien, Jeff Gundlach and Jack Bogle, to provide a single chart that is most at the top of their minds.  The selections are very illuminating, and unfortunately paint a pessimistic view of the economy, with low growth and worries about interest rate policy among the chief concerns.

Fall Wine in Focus

With summer over, it’s time to (regrettably) put away the rosé.  As focus turns to bold reds, we are loving Bloomberg Pursuits’ 2016 Wine Harvest Guide, a fantastic series of articles on wine, including 20 bottles you should be drinking this fall.