Trump’s Brain

One of the many under-reported elements of Trump’s surprising ascendance was the critical role his son-in-law Jared Kushner played in the campaign, and in particular the build-out of a highly innovative and effective data-mining operation that belied the seemingly haphazard nature of the campaign as a whole. Fortune has a fascinating insider’s look into the operation and Kushner himself, who is sure to play a prominent role in the administration, even if behind the scenes.

Bond Market Carnage

At Cidel, we have long been concerned about the level of risk investors are taking in interest rate sensitive securities and the potential conclusion of a 30 year bond bull market. Somewhat lost in the massive surge in global equities (hello Dow 19,000!) has been the massive sell-off in the bond market. Bloomberg takes a look at the carnage and where we go from here. Please contact us to discuss further.

Ronaldo, Lebron…Magnus?

In an ever-shifting sports media environment, where e-sports are thriving and NFL ratings are nose-diving, perhaps it isn’t surprising that an unlikely new star has emerged in one of our oldest and most august pastimes. Vice takes a look at how Magnus Carlsen is almost single handedly making chess cool again.

New World Emerging Star

Bloomberg Pursuits’ wine guru Elin McCoy takes a journey to the find the decade’s best new world chardonnays and finds them in….Prince Edward County, Ontario? In a glowing review, she praises the region’s climate and limestone as ideal for the trend towards more minerality and acidity versus the fat, oaky California chardonnays.